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larina robinsonWelcome,

If you’ve ever experienced frustration and confusion around what you eat and how it reacts to your body. You’re not alone!

I’m Larina, a university qualified Wholefood Dietitian and Nutritionist with a stomach that doesn’t know what it wants, and a brain that’s determined to figure it out.

Join me as I clear the fuzz around nutrition myths, provide honest product reviews, create simple, healthy recipes, and update you on the latest evidence-based nutrition knowledge for a healthy gut, reduced inflammation, a happy mind, and a lifestyle where, no matter your dietary needs, you can enjoy being you.

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Today, The body Dietetics can help you:

  • Nourish your body the way it uniquely deserves by making sense of nutrition,
  • Save you money by myth-busting the marketed nonsense you don’t need to buy into and expert product reviews,
  • Boost your wellbeing and everyday vibrancy with simple, practical tips to manage symptoms of food intolerances and get the maximum benefits from what you eat,
  • Create delicious, healthy recipes rich in nourishing real foods, free from any gluten, dairy and refined ingredients, 
  • And be the first to discover the latest health and wellness products that compliment your goals, inspiring you to live the good life, and enjoy being you! 


I’m a Wholefood Dietitian who strongly believes in individualised healthy eating.

Having food intolerances myself, I know the difficulties when eating out, ordering in, travelling to new places, and the frustrations of a eating a diet that simply doesn’t work for your body!

Everyone deserves to feel energised, vibrant and full of life.

When we nourish our body with the right foods to suit our needs, we can conquer our goals and truly enjoy being who we are. This is why my motto for life and The Body Dietetics is – Enjoy Being You®

My real passion lies in guiding individuals to their optimal health and wellbeing through wholefoods, and cutting through the confusing marketing hype. I have a really keen interest in living gluten and dairy free (for those who need it), food intolerances in general (hello, fructose!), and helping you combat IBS with the Low-FODMAP diet.

I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with First Class Honours which allowed me to publish a research article on the parental dietary influence on their children. You can read the abstract here.

I love writing about nutrition and health, contributing to a variety of magazines, and regularly share a host of health tips, recipes and myth-busters.

In 2013, I launched my first cookbook, Wholefood entertaining with more than 30 gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes and a dedicated section filled with nutrition tips and health information specifically for those who love to entertain, and enjoy great food! Like me!


I am a firm believer in the link between what we eat and our moods, as well as the anti-ageing, healing properties of food and nature. Both of these concepts will be seamlessly integrated into my Wholefood Guides (currently in development) for a range of different dietary needs.

In the meantime, enjoy browsing the site for the latest hot spots, product reviews, nutrition information and wholefood recipes to suit your lifestyle.

Unfortunately due to my workload, I am no longer taking on further clients as at March 2015. For permission to use any content from the blog, or for media/writing opportunities, please contact me.

In a nutshell:

I’m not a food snob. I know what it’s like to be busy, on a budget, and wanting to be healthy without the fuss.

That’s why I created The Body Dietetics.

A place where honesty is integral, quality is expected, and reality isn’t ignored but embraced and appreciated. 

Allow me to help you discover how good food and living well will truly help you thrive. 

Please make yourself at home and enjoy being you,









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