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9 Gluten Free Easter Hot Cross Bun Recipes

How good do fresh hot cross buns smell? Seriously! They’re right up there in my top 3 with freshly baked white bread and buttery croissants for their enticing scent. All 3 of which I cannot eat. Damn you, gluten. Yet, the shopping centres are full of them. Tempting us all as we try and shop with […]

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Last year I got an ice cream maker for Christmas and ever since, I’ve been playing around with non-dairy milks to see which ones work best. Due to the higher fat content of coconut, this recipe is by far the best!! I’ll keep trying to perfect the base recipe but for now, this peanut butter choc […]

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Fermented Raspberries

This fermented purée makes a great summer drink with a big splash of sparkling wine or soda water or both. It’s also great to dress up a fruit salad or to finish a sauce for game meats. Use an old 300 ml (10½ fl oz) jam jar Ingredients: 250 g (9 oz/2 cups) raspberries 1 […]

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Is A Gluten Free Diet Good For You?

There are a few common things that irritate the delicate balance of “good” and “bad” gut bacteria in our digestive systems. Things such as prebiotic foods, probiotic foods, antibiotics, high sugar intake, FODMAP foods, stress, and low fibre diets. But there’s a bigger issue at play. Our food supply. Changes in farming practices over the […]

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Vanilla Ginger Horchata Latte (Dairy & Caffeine Free)

What is Horchata? Horchata is traditionally made with either rice, barley, sesame seeds, ground almonds or tigernuts. The base ingredient is then mixed with sugar, milk, and spices including cinnamon and served cold over ice. For this recipe, I put a wholefood twist on the traditional drink, making it dairy and sugar free. Plus, I […]

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Product Review: Looking For A Quick, Heat & Eat Paleo Meal?

A quick, ready-to-eat, paleo meal without additives and preservatives? It exists, and it can sit in your pantry for a year! 

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Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Mixed berry smoothie bowl with hidden greens sets you up for a fabulous morning!

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Product Review: Cedar Nut Oil – Should You Add It To Your Pantry?

The benefits of cedar nut oil and why it could be your new favourite.

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Dairy-Free Coconut Cashew Ice Cream

Delicious vanilla coconut cashew dairy-free ice-cream recipe that’s easy to make, no ice cream maker required? You got it!

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Product Review: Coconut Yoghurt (And It’s Not Coyo!)

Curious about coconut yoghurt? You may have heard of Coyo, but I’ve sampled two others to let you know whether they’re worth your time and money. 

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