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Category: Gut Health

kefir champagen of probiotic world

by Zoya Hett

What is it?

Kefir (Kee-fer) it is a fermented milk or water drink that originated in the Caucasus Mountains thousands of years ago. This drink was originally made from goats milk and has been enjoyed commercially for a long time in Europe as a healthy elixir for its many claimed health benefits. Now, it has found its way to Australia and can be found flavoured and made from cow’s milk, coconut milk, water and coconut water.  This ancient drink is a potent probiotic, that is gaining a large fan base, so I decided to unpack the science to see if this fermented drink is worth a go.

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by Danielle Sacht

Ever noticed that when you get a cut or graze on your skin that area turns red? Maybe you’ve sprained your ankle in an evening yoga class or fell off your bike and hurt your knee on an uneven pathway? Cue swelling, pain, redness and bruising – how can your body treat you this way?! At the time it feels like your body is your worst enemy, but believe it or not, your body is responding appropriately and supportively. It’s on your side! Your body has triggered an inflammatory response, in order to help you heal as quickly as possible.  When your body responds this way, it’s known as ACUTE INFLAMMATION. Acute inflammation is your body’s natural response to damaged tissues. It’s a protective mechanism to help shield an injured area and repair the damage. This process can sometimes be supported by certain anti-inflammatory medicines.

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By Lucy Marks

Anyone who’s had butterflies in their stomach knows that our mental state can affect our gut, but can our gut affect our mental state?

Mounting research, completed by today’s top scientists, doctors and dieticians, indicates that issues of the gut can have a direct impact on our mental health, resulting in conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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My Top 4 Supplements To Heal Your Gut - Part 2


In this four-part series, I share my top supplements that help to heal your gut and improve your symptoms. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.


They’re all the rage in the health world at the moment. I predict them to be one of the top food additions and marketing tools for healthy and “fake healthy” foods in 2015. But how much about them do you know, though? What are they, should you take them and what are they good for…find out now.

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