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Category: Low FODMAP

low fodmap fruit

For those of you who thought consuming glucose with fructose or fructan containing foods would help with absorption, this has now been shown to make symptoms worse, not better!

Monash University has just shared the results to the participants of their latest trial – to determine if the consumption of glucose can assist fructose absorption to eliminate symptoms of IBS.

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Catering For Friends With Food Intolerances

by Doralise Halepis

Hosting a function for multiple people can end up being rather difficult! There are many things to organise – from entertainment, to the guest list, and catering, quickly turning your fun filled event into quite a stressful time. Whether it be a simple event like a movie night with girlfriends, to a big birthday bash, catering for numbers has its difficulties.

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What Fruits Are Low In Fructose

What Fruits Are Low In Fructose?


Whether you’re on the IQS bandwagon, or need to minimise fructose due to fructose intolerance. You don’t need to cut out fruit. In fact, you can eat quite a range!

Note – what is meant by ‘low fructose’ fruit simply means there’s a more even ratio of glucose to fructose (the natural fruit sugar). They are not fructose-free. When a food is ‘high in fructose’, this means that there is a much higher ratio of fructose to glucose.

IBS - How Mindfulness Can Help

IBS – How Mindfulness Can Help


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The current band-aid health term given to people suffering from uncomfortable abdominal symptoms – bloating, constipation, gas, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and generally not feeling 100%.




For years now I’ve been so confused as to how my generally healthy diet ended up having to become so restrictive and causing me so much pain.

I’ve gone from simply wheat intolerance, to also gluten intolerance, as well as lactose intolerance, and then had to end up cutting out all dairy. I was diagnosed with full blown IBS, and began following the trial and error path of the low FODMAP diet. I was stressed out from uni, not eating a great deal, and just never really felt any better! I did tonnes of research, trialled certain foods, but it all just got too hard when nothing seemed to be working. For those of you going through this right now, I completely know how you feel!!



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