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Category: Mains


Yucatan-Style Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder


This recipe comes from an extremely talented woman. Tanya was my amazing cookbook photographer and stylist; she is also a blogger (when given time in amongst her hectic schedule), and a fellow paleo-style enthusiast. I’ve been bugging her for a while now to share a recipe with you all, as we’ve had many discussions about food, flavours and her family recipes. Finding a photographer with the right style I was looking for was a challenge, but the blog on her website sealed the deal. Her recipes always look incredible! Just check out her blog! So as a huge lover of Mexican food myself, it was only appropriate that I share Tanya’s incredible pulled pork shoulder recipe. Enjoy!

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Veggie-Loaded Beef Bolognese With Zucchini Noodles

Veggie-Loaded Beef Bolognese With Zucchini Noodles

Tastes like regular bolognese mince looks like regular bolognese mince. Yet contains 7 different veggies, not including the noodles! (Yes, I got carried away on Instagram, you can count them on both hands… 🙂 ) Anyway! This is a bolognese the whole family will love. Hearty enough for the guys, nutritious enough for the ladies, and tasty enough for the kids!

Mediterranean Grass Fed Beef Mince And Veggies

Mediterranean Grass Fed Beef Mince And Veggies


Comforting, full of flavour and oh so good for you!

This super simple dish is delicious, quick and loaded with nutrients: Tomatoes and paprika for eyesight, beef for iron, zinc and other essential minerals for energy and repair, kale for vitamin K, folate, vitamin C and A, eggplant for anthocyanins protective of brain function and supports heart health, plus turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits!

Hot Smoked Salmon on Black Bean Spaghetti


Naturally high in protein from salmon and the black bean spaghetti. A good source of omega-3s from salmon and skin loving fats from avocado. Plus it’s packed with fibre from the avocado and the spaghetti too! The tomatoes lycopene content gets a boost too since it’s more accessible to us once cooked! A deliciously tasty, satisfying dish.

Maple Dijon Pork with Sweet Potato Chips, Cabbage, And Pickled Cucumbers

Taste Australia Bush Food Shop kindly supplied me with some very intriguing native herbs and spices. As a thank you, I have created a range of dishes on Instagram, but this one, in particular, had a really delicious marinade (if I do say so myself). Enjoy this healthy pork recipe which is simple enough for a weeknight dinner, and still super tasty! Don’t be fooled by the fancy plating either, there’s plenty to go around!

Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Paleo Pumpkin Bread


A soft and lightly spiced loaf that makes a perfect tea or coffee accompaniment (or treat after dinner). Pumpkin is low in calories, a source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin A. Coconut flour increases the fibre content, and almond meal and eggs provide tummy satisfying protein to fill you up.



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