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8 tips for travelling gluten free

8 Tips For Travelling Gluten-Free

by Danielle Sacht

Sometimes having a food allergy or intolerance such as coeliac disease can result in you needing a holiday, after your holiday! With all the stress of wondering where you can eat, and praying you don’t get sick from the dish you just ordered that you think is going to be ok, here are my top 8 tips to keep you stress-free and healthy during your overseas adventures!

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what not to say to people with coeliac disease

by Amy Pozzar

These days, it seems the focus of a ‘healthy’ diet is based on what all the celebs are doing, what looks good on Instagram and what sounds good on Facebook. Unfortunately, this obsession with fad diets has resulted in people following trends that aren’t necessarily suited to their body’s needs. And so the profound ignorance to food intolerances were born!

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greens powder review

by Doralise Halepis

When one chooses to enter the adventurous world of green smoothies, selecting ingredients can often be a daunting task. Aside from the pressures on whether to kale or not to kale, marketing companies have now added a target on your back for their ‘ever so nutritious’ green powders. So before you start flaunting your health in a mason jar, we’ve summarised the top three commonly used powders to let you decide if they have a place in your smoothie.

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