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What's The Go With Froyo?

What's The Go With Froyo?


Froyo City

Walking down George St. in Sydney recently, literally 4 shops out of 10 in the span of roughly 100m were frozen yoghurt stores. Why??

It baffles me as to why they even set up shop so close to one another – is there really that much demand for this frozen treat?


Product Review: Mayver's Peanut And Coconut Nut Butter


I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to health food stores, markets, restaurants and even the health food isle at our usual supermarkets. Occasionally a product comes out where I don’t care how much it costs, I HAVE to try it.


Dairy-Free Calcium- Happy Healthy Bones Week!


Dairy, dairy, quite contrary – how do you build your bones?

It’s drilled into us from the day we start eating solids that milk and other dairy products are the best sources of calcium. It’s true. Knock back a 250ml glass of milk and you’ve already got around 300mg of calcium. That’s 30% of an average adult’s recommended dietary intake (RDI). Eating dairy makes it very easy for us to get our calcium needs, it’s also a source of protein, zinc and B12 among others.



Every diet has its pitfalls

Everyone has his or her own reasons for following a certain diet. By diet, I mean ‘what you eat every day’, as opposed
to the fad ‘shed 10kg in 2 days’ sorts. Whether you’ve recently switched, or have eaten that way for a long time, it’s important to consider what nutrients you may be missing out on, and how to get them.


McFat And Lazy. A Trend Driven By Global Food Companies?


I just read an article that discusses McDonalds’ plans to launch an app in America. An app to make ordering ‘food’ so easy, all you need to do it place your order through the app then you simply ‘pick up [the] food in stores, curbside or at drive-thru windows’. Not much different to how we already do things. However, Burger King goes a step further, and kindly delivers it straight to your door. Pizza, Thai, Chinese, pies, burgers and fries are so conveniently at your fingertips, cooking a healthy meal after a long day seems so much more unappealing.


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