Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker

Fuss-free waffles in an easy to clean machine that turns your excess batter into crispy bits? Yes, please!! Who doesn’t love crispy bits?

I’ve been eyeing off waffle makers for the past year and I think I’ve just found the winner!

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Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker

You may be a die-hard fan of pancakes, and don’t get me wrong, I love an impressive pancake stack too. But the show-stopping benefits of a waffle cannot be denied! It’s as if you went to extra effort, when in fact, this Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker did most of the work for you!

And that grid…that crispy golden grid that holds in the lashings of butter, maple syrup, berries (or choc chips, I don’t judge) that you pour on top…Well. A pancake can’t do that now, can it?

The Details

Breville’s streamlined machine is the secret to making great waffles in minutes. And you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them since there’s no mess to clean up. As your homemade waffles bake to golden brown perfection, the nonstick moat prevents any extra batter from overflowing onto the countertop and bakes it into crispy waffle bites.

The Specs

  • 24cm x 30cm x 13cm High
  • Makes one 16cm diam waffle at a time
  • Makes a classic round waffle that divides easily into four sections.
  • Control dial has seven settings that allow you to customise baking and browning.
  • A nonstick moat surrounds the baking surface to trap excess batter, eliminating mess and waste.
  • Die-cast aluminium cooking plates ensure impeccable heat retention with uniform browning.
  • PFOA-free nonstick finish releases waffles instantly and makes clean up a breeze.


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