Golden Grind – Turmeric Latte Powder – Original

Makes a delicious turmeric latte in seconds. Never had one? Trust me, the health and beauty benefits are SO worth it!

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After researching for a good month or two for a client about the potential effects of turmeric, or more so, it’s active compound called curcumin, I was hooked.

This vibrant yellow spice is a powerhouse! It helps pretty much the entire body – from reducing inflammation and soothing the gut to helping to improve your mood and ward off chronic disease.

Golden Grind has made it super easy (and cute) for you to get your daily dose of goodness, in the right amounts, and with the ingredients to make turmeric’s benefits even more powerful! Cheers to a delicious golden latte!

The Details:

The blend contains turmeric, cinnamon, ginger & black pepper. Combined, they have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. They can help to boost your immunity, your energy levels and improve your gut health. Research has also shown that these spices can help to lower blood sugar levels (however those with diabetes should not use this as a treatment for their illness).

Turmeric becomes more bio-available (easier to digest and absorb the nutrients) when you have a little black pepper with it (which is included in the spice mix), a little healthy fat and the application of heat. If you’re using a no-fat milk, pop a little coconut oil in to get the most out of your cuppa.

The Specs:

  • Golden Grind Original contains turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper
  • 100g – 30 serves
  • Made in Australia (Melbourne) from local and imported ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Sugar & Gluten Free
  • Caffeine Free


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